Frotcast 15: Softball w/ the Jonas Bros., The Town in owah reahview

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09.23.10 46 Comments

More like Ben Abs Flex, amirite?

On this week’s Filmdrunk Frotcast:

  • We discuss Ben’s charity softball game against the Jonas Brothers. Their charity? Raising awareness about not texting while you drive. Sadly, this is all 100% true.
  • Brendan shows up drunk and interrupts everybody. Also, he wore an argyle sweater vest.
  • We play one of the most epic Old Dirty Bastard clips in history, sent to us once again by Danger Guerrero (you can watch it below).
  • I try unsuccessfully to convey why I think Project Runway is still must-see television.
  • We play “Meet the Drunkards” with ChinoMoreno (surprise! she’s a girl).  The best part is when I ask her an idiotic question and she says “….Ugh.”  Priceless. Oh yes, expect that sound bite to get re-used. (34:30)
  • Finally, we review The Town with Ryan Kearney, movie editor for and Masshole. (an hour in)

BONUS FROTCAST DRINKING GAME: Take a drink every time someone says “reahview.”  DISCLAIMER: You might die.



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(WARNING: this clip contains some naughty language. WARNING #2: This clip is amazing.)

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