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01.07.08 31 Comments

Variety is confirming rumors that Gemma Arterton will be in the next James Bond flick.  I still don’t know who she is, but this picture is a lot hotter than the last one I posted.

Still no word on the title, as Variety refers to the movie only as "the 22nd film in the franchise."

The Marc Forster-helmed film, loosely based on the Ian Fleming short story "Risico," finds 007 (Daniel Craig) dispatched to infiltrate a drug ring flooding Britain with heroin. "Royale" scribe Paul Haggis penned the screenplay, furthering an earlier draft written by Neal Purvis and Robert Wade.

It’s probably hopeless, but I still have my fingers crossed that this will be a return to the overtly sexist Bond who slaps asses and the chick’s name is Nipple McBoner or something.

In related news, my favorite heroin dealers are Big Pookie, Little Pookie, Milky Steve, and Skeet Skeet.


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