06.12.08 10 years ago 40 Comments

Last we heard of Spike Jonze and Dave Eggers’ adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are, they’d bumped the released date to October 2009 and were doing reshoots that may or may not cut the balls off the movie.  The reshoots were meant to either correct visual effects problems or make the film more kid friendly, depending on whom you ask.

Still no word on how the reshoots are going, but MTV has this new "exclusive" picture.  It shows Max getting crowned by his monster.  Something about that sounds really dirty.  Maybe that’s why they needed re-shoots.  Rated-R for adult language and a graphic depiction of a kid getting crowned by his monster. 

*sigh*  Please, just release the goddamned movie already.  The thought that I have more than a year to try to make jokes about this movie and I’m already burned out is pretty depressing.


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