‘Human Centipede’ sequel to be 400% more medically accurate

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08.26.10 57 Comments

It should come as no surprise that Human Centipede director Tom Six enjoys filming people pooping into each others’ mouths, after all, he’s Dutch. (I’ve heard about the ovens you use to cook your food, you sick freaks).  Six recently squatted down for an interview with the BBC (*polishes monocle, continues watching scat porn*) in which he revealed that he’s filming a Human Centipede sequel called The Full Sequence in London.  And this time around, he says the anus-to-mouth human centipede will include TWELVE PEOPLE!  Sounds just like a party at Danny Masterson’s house.

The sequel’s title hints at a longer centipede – is that correct?
Yes, the centipede has 12 people. I had so many ideas when I wrote part one but I couldn’t put them all in because I wanted the audience to get used to the sick idea. Now I can put all my crazy ideas in part two.

AND YOU CAN PUT MORE NUMBER TWO IN PART 2! (God I wish I could write up more poop stories). I can only imagine that with four times the centipede segments, the sequel will be… 400% MEDICALLY ACCURATE!

How difficult was the casting process [for the first]?
I made a drawing of the human centipede construction – and because a picture says more than a thousand words. I showed the drawings to the actresses and so many became very angry with me. They thought I was a European lunatic, so they left.

Pssh, amateurs.  You should see the drawings Polanski used to show actresses.

What will mainstream audiences make of it?
I was in the audience at the American premiere. I got all kinds of reactions. I saw people vomiting, people left the theatre because they couldn’t handle it. I had a girl who was too afraid to talk to me afterwards, she thought I was totally nuts.

In Japan they laughed during the whole film – they couldn’t stop laughing.

How funny did you intend it to be?
Not at all. I have a really dark sense of humour myself. But when I wrote the script I wanted to be really serious, but that seriousness creates some humour somehow.

Is there a deeper message to this film?
I read a lot of books about World War II so when I wrote the story I kept referring to the terrible things the Nazi doctors did, and I put in American and Japanese characters so they are all related to the main players of the Second World War. [BBC]

The Japanese were probably just laughing at the wild implausibility of it all.  “Haha, stupid round eye, that not how you make human centipede!” I imagine them saying to each other.

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