Jim Norton spoils the ending of Eat, Pray, Love

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08.10.10 45 Comments

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Eat, Pray, Love is set to delight aging white yuppies this weekend, opening against its almost too-perfect male mirror image, The Expendables, and the nerdy alternative, Scott Pilgrim.  Last night on Fox’s Red Eye, Jim Norton gave his review.  Jim Norton is one of the funniest guys around, and it’s a crime he’s not more well known.  He’s probably the ballsiest comedian I can think of, which is ironic as he somewhat resembles a Caucasian eunuch.  Anyway, here are some of the highlights:

“It’s important, Greg, because it says that no matter how bad of a wife you are, and no matter how horrible of an employee, or how bad you are with money, there’s always time for a vacation. …Just get up.  Go to Karachi.”

“And there’s that wonderful scene where she vomits gelato and Jägrmeister into a butter.”

“Through a series of wacky mishaps, Julia Roberts has to learn how to say ‘It’s an emergency, where’s the toilet,’ in 40 different languages.”

“I was the first one to start clapping, because I didn’t know if she would overcome.  It was heartbreaking, these yoga scenes, and I’m sipping my chamomile tea and I’m lactating and I’m thinking about my vagina and motherhood… And then she finally realized what she was supposed to realize, and I don’t want to spoil it for everybody, but it was inspirational.”

[Does she finally find her true love?] “She really does.  She goes to India and she begins traipsing barefoot through the slums, and falls in love with the smell of garbage and a man with one foot.” [So it doesn’t matter if you’ve only got one foot, is that the film’s message?] ” That is the message. Because then she holds up his good one and goes, ‘This is gonna go too!’ and then she kisses it and the film ends.”

That was so sarcastic I had to stop and pressurize my ears a couple times like a scuba diver.  The best part is, I’m not sure if he was kidding about the ending, or whether it’d be funnier if he was, or funnier if he wasn’t.

[via Fox, thanks to Jeff for the tip]

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