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Hey, another stupid JLA rumor!  From… wait for it… You guessed it, AICN!

Anyway, the word around the campfire is that Justice League of America may be called American Heroes now – which would be funny considering the GI Joe movie coming out and its Real American Heroes tagline – though probably won’t matter since JLA probably won’t ever get made.

Remember how director George Miller had said recently during the AFI Awards that when it goes before cameras, Justice League would have a different name? Well, according to a tipster, that name may have already been leaked by Batman. No, not the rumored-to-be-playing-Batman, Armie Hammer, but the other Batman, Christian Bale. Here’s what they claim: "Christian Bale was on Nova (FM) today in an interview (pre-recorded I assume) for "Yuma" and said he has "nothing to do with AMERICAN HEROES, and their Batman will be different to our Batman." [Cinematical

Hey, remember when Budweiser had those Real American Heroes ads (later changed to Real Men of Genius so as not to offend retards)?  Someone should write one of those for AICN tipsters. 

Bud Light presents: Real Meeen of Geeeeniu-uuss…

Today we salute you: Mr. AICN Rumor Monger 

Mr. AICN Rumor Moo-oongerrrr…

What would we do without you, oh grand pooh-bah of the graphic novel?

Dooon’t call ‘em comiiics…

You keep us up-to-date on the latest fictional characters, like Batman, Spider-man, Aquaman, and your girlfriend.

Stay ouuut of my room mooom…

So crack open a cold one, you sage of the superhighway.  Because after all, who’s a bigger expert than you about shit you just made up? 

I got an insider scoop heeeere…

We’ll report your juvenile fantasies any time, because hey, what the hell have we got to do? 

Paaass me the Bugle snacks…

Budweiser Beer, Anheiser Busch, St. Louis, Missouri

Mr. AICN Rumor Mooo-ooongerrr…. 

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