Mock Joaq defrocked at premiere of Joaq doc

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09.09.10 24 Comments

I’m Still Here, Casey Affleck’s documentary about Joaquin Phoenix’s mumble rappin’, cape buyin’ public breakdown, which may or may not have been a put on for the movie (it clearly was), is currently playing the Venice Film Festival.  And now, according to reports, the festival has been crashed by a Joaquin Phoenix impersonator.  A hoax about a hoax from a guy pretending to be a guy pretending to have a breakdown?  That’s so meta it makes my scarf chafe.  (*BRAAAAAHM*)

As Casey Affleck, producer/director on the offbeat documentary “I’m Still Here” builds buzz in Toronto for his directorial debut, his PR team has raised the alarm on an apparent charlatan who arrives by limousine at festival venues, and is accompanied by “a massive entourage of security and scantily clad female groupies.”

The blogosphere hasn’t yet lit up with confirming sightings of the faux Joaquin Pheonix, but Affleck is concerned enough about his fans being “tricked and disillusioned by the fraud” that he’s set to address the media Friday night outside the Varsity Theatre, just before “I’m Still Here” debuts in Toronto. [HollywoodReporter]

Gosh, it’s strange that his PR people have been the only ones to report this so far.  It’s almost as if they’re… inventing a publicity stunt… to promote their movie about… publicity stunts.  Hey, guys, I’ll go see your poo-prank movie, but not if you’re going to act all smug about it.  No one likes a smug poo pranker.  My mother taught me that.

UPDATE: According to a tipster, the impostor in question is this guy:

The email tipster claims this guy is just some guy and totally did this on his own separate from the movie marketing.  But I remain unconvinced.  There were a lot of locations in that video, and it seems like a lot of work to do to essentially re-tell someone else’s joke.  But on the other hand, people are stupid.

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