Julianne Moore goes lesbo again

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07.07.10 18 Comments

You might remember that in Chloe, Julianne Moore hired Amanda Seyfried to tempt her husband to see if he was cheating, and yadda yadda yadda, lesbian sex. Well now she’s a pretend lesbian again in The Kids are All Right, which opens this weekend.  Jeez, it’s like she’s trying to impress my frat bros or something.  (Psst, it’s working).

Anyway, The Kids are All Right stars Moore and Annette Bening as a lesbian couple (a lesbian couple with no dogs? Pssh, yeah right.) whose high-school-aged children, Mia “Alice in Wonderland” Wasikowska and Josh “Not Spider-Man” Hutcherson track down their sperm-donor father, Mark “My Brother is Dead” Ruffalo (nevermind, poor taste). Quirkyness ensues.  The “quirky family” thing is a bit of an indie movie cliché, but the critics who saw it at Sundance seemed to like it. Except for Armond White, who wrote “[director] Lisa Cholodenko’s films always falter through their obvious, self-congratulatory point-making.”  He’s putting the whole system on trial.  Regardless, the trailer looks funny.  And kudos for using fake lesbians instead of real ones.  Real lesbians have a tendency to get, well, a little too real. Isn’t that right, Lisa Cholodenko?

Sorry, I take it back.  Stereotyping is wrong.

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