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03.20.09 15 Comments
  • Commando is the best movie ever: the three-part series. My friend would read it, but he’s dead tired. [ScreenJunkies]
  • “That’s not a f*cking computer!” A tribute to fake movie operating systems. Great list, but I bought some Clearasil after I read it, just in case. [UGO]
  • Ironically, the world’s worst comedian is actually pretty hilarious. [HolyTaco]
  • The Chris Brown/Rihanna story, as re-enacted by sock puppets.  See?  It’s not racist if you use sock puppets.  Right?  Guys?  [DailyFill (also embedded below)]
  • Top 5 celebrity names that sound sexual.  Ha, “Minnie Driver.”  Or wait, maybe that just sounds British. [Meetthefamous]
  • Another episode of House Arrest with Andy Dick. [Atom]
  • Bullzeye talks to Sean Astin for some reason. What, no homoerotic hobbitt questions? [Bullzeye]
  • Ever wondered why Terminators come into the world naked?  Because of the gays, apparently. [CollegeHumor]

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