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09.28.07 61 Comments

Jokerswild sent me this article about whether Owen Wilson’s suicide attempt has affected the The Darjeeling Limited, in which he plays a possibly suicidal character.

Director Wes Anderson – a longtime friend of Wilson’s – insists the actor doesn’t want the movie’s release postponed in light of his recent troubles.  Anderson says: "That’s not what I want and not what Owen wants. Owen’s very happy we’re releasing it now."

Of course they’re not postponing it. Take away suicide attempts and what do hipsters have to make art about?  Their parents’ divorce when they were 19?  Attempting suicide is the closest thing sheltered suburbanites have to a real life experience.

Sidenote: I saw Royal Tenenbaums with one of my best friends who still had bandages on his wrists and the stitches still in.  When the Luke Wilson "Needle in the Hay" scene came on, I kept nudging him and giggling.  I’m a good friend. 

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