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07.31.07 2 Comments

Hey, remember like seven years ago when Maxim was that funny new magazine on the block?  You know, before it started catering to the WWE crowd and became nipple-free Playboy for stupid people?  Yeah, well anyway, now they’re making movies.  They’ve just hired a writer for ‘Maxim’s Virgnity Rocks’, which:

…revolves around a gorgeous transfer student who clings to her virginity and gets all the promiscuous girls in school to abstain from sex; in response, the popular guys ask the school stud to try to bed the poster girl and ending her “virginity rocks” campaign.

And if having Maxim in the title weren’t enough of a guarantee of craptaculardery, it’s also carrying the Screen Gems kiss of death.  Oh man, this is like the Voltron of crappy movies.  There’s also going to be three of them.

Screen Gems also has set with Maxim “Fired Up,” a comedy Will Gluck is writing and will direct, about two horny guys who attend a cheerleading camp, and “Mardi Gras,” a comedy written by Josh Heald about three college seniors who try to sow their wild oats in New Orleans.

This sounds completely awesome! I love movies like this because I’m a heterosexual male and thus a brainless dickwad!

Source: Variety

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