Nerds, bow before your new king

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10.27.10 46 Comments

Blizzard Entertainment held a convention celebrating their Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo games over the weekend, and in the course of the event, a great leader arose from the hordes and distinguished himself as the new nerd king.  The video is below, but here is the full text of his question, an achievement on par with removing an enchanted sword from a block of obsidian:

Red Shirt Guy: “Hello.  I just finished reading “The Shattering” yesterday, and I noticed something. It said that Falstad Wildhammer was going to be on the Council of Three Hammers, but in the beta, it’s Kurdrin Wildhammer, and Falstad is not in the game at all.  What happened to him?”

Guys at the podium: “Isn’t Falstad dead?  From… Day of the Dragon?”

Red Shirt Guy: “No.  He survived, and in fact, he was the leader of Aerie Peak and Vanilla Wow through Wrath of the Lich King.”

Guys at the podium:  (humbled) “…Thanks for pointing that out.  We’re going to get that fixed.”

(*the crowd goes wild, He has risen*)

That. Was. Incredible. 

Frankly, I’m a little annoyed by the lack of fanfare.  You should know when you’ve been bested, Warcraft designer guys.  One of you should be presenting Red Shirt Guy on a podium before his new subjects while the other anoints his forehead with oil.

[hat tip: Buzzfeed]

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