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03.02.09 62 Comments

Any time is a good time for a Karate Kid montage. Even when your baby’s dying. (video) [ScreenJunkies]

Wrestler/American Gladiator Matt Morgan claims to be in Iron Man 2.  I don’t know who that is.  Should I? (article) [thePlaylist]

A compilation of fat people ruining things. I find the guy breaking the kiddie pool especially mesmerizing. (video) [HolyTaco]

J.J. Abrams has an idea for Cloverfield 2.  Oh boy. (article) [ComingSoon]

Pretty Vacant – a list of hot dumb girls from TV (which are a lot more tolerable in fictional form).  Worth it for the screencap of Kelly Bundy in a near see-through shirt.  They let that on TV?! Where was I?? (list) [Bullzeye]

Jason Bateman to star in Jason Reitman’s Up in the Air, opposite George Clooney. I thought you should know, but wasn’t interested enough to do a post about it. (article) [Variety]

The Dog That Peed Forever.  Seriously, this is f-ing amazing.  I heard the Farrelly Brothers are already signed to direct the film adaptation. (video) [BestWeekEver]

Entertainment Tonight runs not one, but two teasers for their upcoming Terminator Salvation teaser.  It’s so meta!  No, wait, check that, it’s actually just shamelessy whorish. (article w/video) [WarmingGlow]

(Meat Baby picture via HolyTaco)

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