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12.14.09 38 Comments

A new clip and character poster from Matthew Vaughn’s Kick-Ass (opens April 16) have been released.  The clip shows Nic Cage performing a violent act against a girl who’s also his young child, so all in all it features a lot of my favorite things. He’s sadly not dressed like a bear while he does it, but he does fiddle with his creepy porn ‘stache.

Kick-Ass recently screened for a bunch of bloggers, and though I wasn’t there and most of us bloggers are barely-literate buffoons, the buzz is that it’s really, really good.  When we online writers collectively enjoy something, they call that “buzz”, after the sound our sweatpants make when our thighs rub together as we hurriedly rush off to our mothers’ basements to type extraneous exclamation points.  *eats Cheeto, complains*

[via UGO]

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