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03.03.09 23 Comments

Sean Penn is lobbying to get California to recognize Harvey Milk’s birthday (May 22nd) as a holiday.

State Sen. Mark Leno plans to reintroduce a bill Tuesday with Penn by his side designating Milk’s birthday a “day of significance.” Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed the same bill last year. In his veto message, the governor said Milk should be honored in San Francisco but not statewide. Leno says Penn’s [Best Actor] award shows that Schwarzenegger’s argument about Milk being only of provincial interest no longer holds up. [THR]

Hmm, I’m not sure that argument holds up.  Otherwise we’d  have Ray Charles Day, Truman Capote Day, and Idi Amin Day.  But f-ck it, I’m all for holidays.  Plus it’s in May, so we could all wear speedos and run around pinching each other’s asses and saying “Happy Holigay!”  What? You’d rather work?

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