SHHHH, Nic Cage is Hunting Witches

Senior Editor
11.11.10 21 Comments

Like our boy C-Tates playing a Roman Centurion, some actors are just inherently hilarious in a period piece.  Such is the case with Nic Cage playing a good sir knight of the round forehead in this new Season of the Witch trailer (directed by Gone in 60 Seconds‘ Dominic Sena, co-starring Ron “Hellboy” Perlman). I defy you not to laugh at Nic Cage’s first line of dialog.  No one else could turn “…That fewer still would believe,” into such a riotous punch line. I also love that 98% of the trailer is pure exposition, and the actors all deliver it like they’re just killing time until the end of their shift in five minutes.

“You are the legendary knight sir Cage.”
“I might be.”
“Shall we sword fight now?”
“(*shrugs*) Whatever.”

I love it.  This could be the next Jonah Hex.  At the very least, it should be a great opportunity to see Nic Cage looking confused in different silly outfits, which is really all I want out of it.

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