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07.28.08 25 Comments

George Thorogood?  George Thorogood?!!  See, this is exactly what I was worried about when I heard Oliver Stone was directing a movie about George W. Bush.  Yes, W is an asshole, but he’s not an asshole because he was a hard-drinkin’, womanizing good ol’ boy whose life story is worthy of a George Thorogood song.  The guy was a male cheerleader for Yale, not a West Texas armadillo salesman.  George W’s an asshole because he attended only the douchiest, most sheltered northeastern private schools his entire life.  If he were 30 years younger, he’d probably be playing competitive Quidditch right now.  Yet Oliver Stone brilliantly plays right into the bogus cowboy image he spent his entire career trying to sell.  Guess what: if you’re a male cheerleader for Yale, you can’t be a cowboy.  In fact, the closest you’re probably ever going to come is feeling saddle sore.

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