Tyler Perry's trailer For Colored Girls Rainbow Gibberish Rectum

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09.15.10 27 Comments

Here we have the first trailer for Tyler Perry’s For Colored Girls, his adaptation of For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf.  I was a little curious as to what a film adaptation of this would look like, considering the original is awesomely melodramatic 70s faux-artsy word babble diarrhea without much story.  According the Wikipedia entry, it’s actually called a “choreopoem.”  Oh hello there, Dismissive Wank.  Sit sit, we have much to discuss.  It turns out, you just add some music and footage of folks strugglin’.  Some lines from the trailer:

“Another song with no singers, lyrics, no voice, unseen performances.”

“Ordinary, brown braided woman with big legs and full lips, become yourself!”

“Say you’re sorry.  I got sorry greetin’ me at the front door.  You can keep yours.”

“I got a real… dead lovin here for you now.”

“Being colored is a metaphysical dilemma I haven’t conquered yet.”

My feelings about this were very complex, very emotional. I felt squelched by traditional blog format, so I just wrote what I felt.  I call it a hypno-limerick.   Turgid.  Turgid hobo penis, effeminate testicles pregnant with duality, the elephants trampling his pigeon biscuit.  Untouched, unloved, unwanked. O great glistening loins, the alphabet, my grandmother’s labia, the flaccid penguins CHOKE on turds of misery. Crying glaciers! A wet nap!  Gossamer wings queef SILENT in the autumn discharge.  Lo but for tho, hobo, Joe Blow throws snow in the dojo at the whiskey a Go Go. (*farts Black Eyed Peas song into a trumpet*) (*throws glitter on audience*)

Thank you.  I consider this an important work.

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