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03.11.09 41 Comments

Once upon a time, “Crazy Eddie” Antar was your basic borderline psychotic consumer electronics salesman who insisted on being in his own commercials (I’ve included one below).  His empire eventually grew to 43 stores and he even took his company public, becoming a brief “Wall Street sensation.” But then, *cue Behind the Music music*

“He’d been skimming money and falsifying inventory to inflate stock value. Losing control of his company in a hostile takeover, Antar went on the lam after the new owners uncovered his financial shenanigans and the SEC charged him with stock fraud. He fled to Israel — where he’d deposited millions of dollars — only to be extradited three years later. He ultimately served a prison term that ended in 1999 and was ordered to pay $150 million in fines.”  [Variety via /Film]

And now Danny DeVito is directing a movie about his life.  From a script by 21‘s Peter Steinfeld.  Wait, what?  Peter Steinfeld who’s also written Be Cool and Analyze That? I realize it’s pretty easy for a studio and/or director to ruin a script, but even for cheesy Hollywood crap this guy’s movies seemed especially shittily written.  How do they decide this stuff, do they just play pin the tail on the hack?

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