Watch Josh Hutcherson’s Spider-Man audition

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07.27.10 28 Comments

Over on LatinoReview today, you can watch a video that they say is Josh Hutcherson’s audition tape for the part of Peter Parker in the Mark Webb-directed Spider-Man reboot, a role that eventually went to Andrew Garfield (Scarfield).  They say it was choreographed by up-and-coming (hee hee!) fight choreographer Larnell Stovall from UNDISPUTED 3, and that Hutcherson used the tape to get the attention of Sony execs. 

Though if this was an “audition”, given that Hutcherson’s only dialog was “Thanks” and “late for class,” I’m not sure what it was supposed to prove. That he could do basic stunt work and make this face a lot?  That he could hear a line like “Looks like your dream girl’s sweet on Parker, bro,” and not burst out laughing and ruin the scene?  I’ll admit, I was impressed with that part.

And I’m sorry I couldn’t post an embed of the video here on the site, but to make it up to you guys, I’m posting Gerard Butler’s Dracula audition below, which is arguably EVEN BETTER.

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