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02.27.08 75 Comments

This is the trailer for a documentary called Super High Me, premiering at the SXSW Film Festival.

It’s a take off on Super Size Me, based on a comedy bit by Doug Benson in which he smokes weed every day for thirty days – not to be confused with my movie, Super Jaíme, about a crime fighting Mexican superhero.  His superpower?  You guessed it, Mexican Judo

This isn’t the first documentary based on a stand up bit.  Back in 1989 there was of course Shecky Goldfarb’s award-winning exposé entitled, What’s the Deal with Airline Food?  It’s like, ‘Hey, Buddy, Where You Goin’ with the Rest of My Soda?’

[Thanks to BDarbs, from whom I stole that last joke – wakka wakka wakka!] 

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