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Chodin made this picture.  I rather enjoy it.

Patton Oswalt plugs The Fan by telling the legendary tales of Giants players he made up just now. Not quite the level of hilarity for which Patton is known, but I still want to pinch his widdow cheeks. [IFC]

Meet the new employees (with 80s montage).  [Holy Taco]

Some friends of CollegeHumor made a pilot. Meanwhile, some friends of mine… *bursts into tears*  Fine! I have no friends, are you happy now? [GraduatesPilot]

13 insanely horrible local TV ads. Can you tell me what kind of accent the people in the funeral home ad have? So that I can never go there? [ScreenJunkies]

The trailer for Iron Maiden: Flight 666 documentary makes me want to smell the glove. [TrailerAddict]

Colin Farrell and Keira Knightley join cast of London Blvd, Departed writer William Monahan’s directing debut.  I hope the ending is just like The Departed, except Keira Knightly gets to eat a meal. [Empire]

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