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02.29.08 84 Comments

If there are any terrorists reading this, I believe I have acquired a target for you to attack.  The locations is the set of Beer for My Horses, a movie which Toby Keith is set to write, produce, and star.  It is imperative that you not leave any survivors.

The title comes from Keith’s hit single, also features Rodney Carrington (also co-writer), Ted Nugent, Willie Nelson [we’ll need to give him advance warning before the attack], Claire Forlani, Barry Corbin and Tom Skerritt.
Keith and Carrington play small-town deputies who embark on a wacky road trip to rescue their girlfriends from comically evil drug lords. [Ed note: shouldn’t it be ‘sexy girlfriends’? Everything else has adjectives.]

Thankfully no distributor is on board yet.  Just imagining who might want to watch such a movie was more depressing than ten paternity episodes of Maury and watching a puppy freeze to death. 

Also: I don’t believe there’s ever been a worthwhile human being named ‘Toby’.

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