‘No Man’s Sky’ Gets Mercilessly Dragged To The Woodshed In An Honest Trailer

No Man’s Sky garnered a positive review from us (“Clear Your Calendar”), but there are some complaints to be relished in the newest honest trailer from Screen Junkies and Smosh Games. They open with a shot across the bow: “Imagine a game on a scale like you’ve never seen before, in a universe so vast you’ll never get to explore it all. Not because its too big — but because you’ll be too bored to even bother.”

They namecheck so many issues with the game’s hype train, from the developer backpeddling on promises of multi-player mode, to the creator getting ridiculous death threats when the game was delayed, to a suggestion that players “try to make the journey to the center the galaxy, and there’s a reason why you would want to do that.” That reason was a bit of a *sad trombone* after all.

Then there is also what turned out to be the “crushing loneliness” of exploring 18 quintillion planets you can name Planet McPlanetface if you want to. At least you’ll have so many majestic creatures to keep you company…

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Via Smosh Games