Beyonce And Jay-Z’s ‘On The Run II’ Tour Is The Rare Sequel That’s Better Than The Original

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The pitch-black, football field-sized LED screen cracked open at the middle and slowly spread apart. Two figures, two of the most famous human beings on the planet, dressed from head to toe in all white descended from the top of the screen to the floor on an elevator, just like angels presaging the rapture. With their hands clasped tightly around one another’s, they advanced from the rear to the lip of the stage; unspeaking, unwavering. 60,000 people stood on their feet, screaming and stomping and even tearing up at their mere sight of them, ready to receive whatever good news they might bring. Then she drew the microphone to her lips.

“You’d take the clothes off my back and I’d let you,” Beyonce cooed, reprising the opening line of the song “Holy Grail,” originally sung on record by Justin Timberlake. “You’d steal the food right out my mouth and I’d watch you eat it / And I still don’t know why… why I love you so much.” As she sang, her paramour, her business partner, the father of her children — Rumi, Sir, and Blue Ivy – the man who won her heart when she was only 19, then years later shattered it in a million pieces with an act of seemingly unforgivable indiscretion, one of the greatest rappers of all time, Jay-Z stood holding that hand, gazing around at the dark void where thousands of curious faces looked down upon them both.

The key of the song changed, and he turned to face her. “I just can’t crack your code,” she admitted in the next stanza. He turned to look out at us. “You ready?” he shouted. Then all together, “Sippin’ from you cup ‘til it runneth over / Holy Grail!” An explosion of fireworks ripped into the sky as Beyonce ran her fingers through her hair, looked out and glowered. Welcome to On The Run II.

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