All The Collaborative Projects Drake Should Consider Doing Before Anything With Chris Brown

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Our message to Drake, in his own words: “don’t do it, please don’t do it.” Drake squashed his beef with Chris Brown at the end of last year, which is decent news to prevent any more nightclub drama. But last week, he checked their loyal fanbases’ temperature by captioning one of his posts “2019 cook up…Aubreezy,” lumping his first name with Chris’ Breezy nickname and hinting at music being done between the two prolific artists. Who knows if Aubreezy is referring to a song or project, but whatever it is, they can keep it.

Based on Drake’s previous relationship with Rihanna, this looks tone deaf at best, and at worst a petty, calculated move by the Scorpion artist. The optic of him assuming a new friendship with the man who assaulted Rihanna in the past is hard to ignore, especially after she noted that she and Drake are no longer friends last year. Even beyond the specter of Rihanna, Chris Brown is not the person Drake should be aligning with.

It’s well-known that many in the industry love Chris Brown, who is admittedly gifted, but just last year he was accused of stalking and hitting a woman. He still has some fundamental issues that need to be resolved before even thinking about getting back into the general public’s good graces.

Below are some other ideas for more fruitful collaborations Drake should consider. I rue music fans’ propensity to demand artists collaborate because they merely took a pic at the club together, so this list consists only of practical requests, based on established relationships currently in good standing:

Drake and Lil Wayne

Right around the time Watch The Throne dropped in 2011, there were rumors that Drake and his Young Money boss Lil Wayne Wayne would craft their own titanic duo album. Birdman, who was both of their bosses as Cash Money CEO, announced in August 2011 that the two had an album on the way, but it never dropped. Wayne fell back from releasing studio albums for years after falling out with Cash Money over a $50 million dollar debt, but after his Carter V comeback album, he’s back on top of the game.

Drake and Wayne have both had their gripes with Baby and Cash Money, but their love for each other has never ceased. Drake is celebrating the 10 year anniversary of So Far Gone this year. Why not further celebrate that era with a mentor-mentee album full of lyrical exercises, autotuned harmonies and lovelorn records?

Drake and Migos

Drake and Quality Control might as well strike while the iron is hot. After a Drake and the Three Amigos North American tour that succeeded through several stop-and-start moments, the four artists should celebrate their bond with more than a chain — why not drop an EP? There’s probably more bangers and creative videos where “Walk It Talk It” came from. We know the prolific artists have no problem locking in with studio sessions, and it would be a nice way to stir anticipation for any European tour that Drake and Migos may be planning.

Drake and Meek Mill

2019 is wide open for Drake and Meek to run together. There’s no way I could see myself typing that in January 2016 in the heat of their rivalry, but the two artists put their differences aside in 2018. They’re both maturing into their position as young OGs, and could further show young artists the way by making a boatload of money together and capitalizing off the chemistry of energetic records like “Going Bad,” “Amen,” and “RICO,” the song that initially caused their fracture. To paraphrase one of their mutual idols Jay-Z: After you beef long enough, nothing sells like the reunion.

Meek has said a video for “Going Bad,” their Championships collaboration, is on the way. Maybe someone at the shoot should bring up keeping the ball rolling with an EP of bangers ready for Memorial Day weekend?

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