Eminem Is Still Very Much Unable To Take A Selfie

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Back in April, Eminem decided to take greater control over his own social media accounts: Previously, somebody from his team handled that, but last year, he announced that he himself would actually start posting on Twitter. This has resulted in some fun Eminem moments, like when he recently declared that he really enjoys Chris D’Elia’s impersonation of him, or when he expressed some serious discontent with Netflix. All this time Eminem has been back on social media, though, there is one fact that he has made indirectly clear: Eminem does not know how to take a selfie.

The most recent photo he posted on both Twitter and Instagram is evidence of that: It’s a selfie of him and Denaun M. Porter on stage in Melbourne, Australia, and the photo only includes the top halves of their heads in the bottom of the frame.

This is far from the first time that Eminem has failed to include the majority of his face in a photo he took of himself. Here’s another example, a photo he took with Boogie back in July, in which we can see just a portion of one side of Eminem’s jawline:

This could also be a stylistic choice by Eminem and not just an inability to get the right shot: In a selfie from Boston Calling last year, his whole head is in the picture, but he covered his face with his finger:

Whatever the case may be, Eminem’s followers have yet to see the day when the rapper posts a selfie that includes the entirety of his face.

Check out some other examples of Eminem’s selfie style below.

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