French Montana And Drake’s Cameo-Packed ‘No Stylist’ Video Is Filled With Rap Fashion Icons

Slick Rick, ASAP Rocky, Young Thug, and Harlem’s own Dapper Dan all make cameos in the star-studded clip for French Montana‘s much-hyped new single with Drake, “No Stylist.” Shot with a minimalist flair by Glenn Michael & Christo, the video finds French and friends taking over a mansion for a private photo shoot and fashion show, splicing handheld cam footage with the more professional kind and even simulating a drive through the bustling streets of New York with an old school green screen moving car shot.

“No Stylist” drew heavy buzz before its release when it was rumored that Drake would be using the song to further his feud with Pusha T and Kanye West. As it turned out, he did take a dig at Kanye’s pet Adidas project, the Yeezy 350 sneaker, advising would-be female companions “don’t wear no 350’s ’round me.” It might not be the haymaker that some fans thought it would be, but there is a jab there. While it seems open hostilities may have been halted, an icy cold war has replaced them.

Meanwhile, as the song boasts of not needing a stylist, of course it features some pretty outrageous sartorial choices, including Young Thug’s head-turning proclivity for gender-bending his wardrobe. High fashion isn’t for the closed-minded, it’s for the clothes minded.