I Get Money Remix With Jay-Z, Kanye & Diddy In The Works?

08.24.07 11 years ago 53 Comments

From what I hear, 50, Diddy, Jay-Z and Kanye all recorded verses for a remix to “I Get Money.” But with this much starpower involved, there’s more diplomatic negotiation to deal with than a UN Peace Treaty. Who gets first shine? When will this song get released? Who does it benefit the most? Will both Kanye and 50 get dibs on the record?…….These questions need to be addressed…because, for example, it wouldn’t make sense for Kanye to help promote 50’s project.

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Not too sure about this one, Jay-Z didn’t look to happy with 50’s cameo and how will this help Kanye. Would be a good look for Hip Hop to have the top money makers working together.

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