Kanye West Went On A 10-Minute Rant At The White House About Being Misdiagnosed As Bipolar

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By now, Kanye West’s support of Donald Trump is no secret. Kanye himself has repeatedly publicized his belief that the president is as misunderstood as Kanye himself. During the rapper’s recent White House visit he reiterated not only his admiration for the man in the Oval Office, but also took some time to try and justify his own behavior and grievances in a long-winded, 10-minute rant, according to CBS News.

In a discursive soliloquy that crossed multiple topics, Kanye reportedly complained about being misdiagnosed as bipolar and promised that he wouldn’t try running for president himself “until 2024” out of deference for his host. He also commented on his unexpected support for Trump, saying, “He might not expect to have a crazy motherf*cker like Kanye West support him.” He says his reason for his prior breakdowns was sleep deprivation, not the diagnosis of bipolar disorder that he was given. “We can empower the pharmaceuticals and make more money,” he said, apparently unaware that the ACA programs that Trump is so in favor of discontinuing were designed to discourage pharmaceutical company-funded misdiagnoses like his and make mental health care more widely available.

He did, however, make some good on his position at Trump’s side to discourage Trump’s plan to implement stop-and-frisk policies in Chicago, telling him the focus should be on love. One thing is for sure from Kanye’s long-winded exposition though: He really needs to change his phone’s password.