Kanye’s Signature Was Forged To Scam Almost $1 Million For A Fake NYFW Performance

Getty Image

In October, Kanye West “distanced” himself from politics in order to avoid having his name attached to causes he didn’t believe in, but unfortunately for him, it looks like his name is still getting attached to events he isn’t even aware of. TMZ reports that the Grammy-nominated producer was recently the victim of identity fraud when a former associate forged his signature on a deal worth $1 million and absconded with the cash deposit.

According to the report, the ex-associate secretly contacted clothing designer Philipp Plein, introduced himself as Kanye’s agent, and negotiated a deal for a performance at Plein’s upcoming New York Fashion Week show. The only problem is, Kanye had no plans to perform, with his wife Kim tweeting: “He’s not performing at any fashion show this season. Just a rumor.” Unfortunately for Plein, that means he’s out a performer and nearly $1 million after wiring a $900K deposit to the fraudster’s account, which they promptly cleaned out.

That’s not the only deal Kanye has had issues with lately. The rapper is currently suing his label to get out of his record contract, which he argues amounts to “servitude” under California law due to its lack of a time limit requirement. The lawsuit has been credited as the reason behind Kanye’s Yandhi delays, but he denies it.