Meek Mill Lost $200,000 Betting On The Warriors To Win Game 6

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Meek Mill may have settled his Drake beef from 2016, but now it looks like he’ll have to settle some debts with Toronto supporters after betting $200,000 on the Golden State Warriors to win the NBA Finals against the Raptors. Back in May, he challenged “rich guys from Toronto” to put up some money, confirming during a June Q&A that he’d “bet a big bag on the warriors.” Unfortunately, that turned out to be a bad investment as injuries riddled the Bay Area squad’s stars, allowing Kawhi Leonard, Kyle Lowry, and (lol) Jeremy Lin to take down the “super team” in game six in Oakland.

A video posted to social media confirmed just how much he lost, as a screen capture from Instagram revealed that the Philly rapper had bet “200 racks” with a lady friend, who caught a sheepish Meek on selfie cam as she trash talked.

Of course, at the beginning of the season, that $200K looked like a guaranteed win, with Vegas all but preordaining the Steph Curry and Kevin Durant-led Warriors to cakewalk into their third Larry O’Brien trophies. But that’s why they still play the games. After stunning Golden State without Kevin Durant in games two, three, and four — the latter two in Golden State’s home Oracle arena — Durant returned in game five, only to rupture his Achilles tendon in a tough-fought victory for the favorites. In game six, even more injuries racked the Warriors, who already had to play without Durant or center Kevon Looney, who separated a rib in a previous game. They then lost Klay Thompson to an ACL tear and ultimately, lost the championship as well. It was a pretty rough night for the Warriors and their supporters all around, but hopefully, the rest of Golden State’s fans refrained from betting almost a quarter of a million dollars like Meek did.