Drake And Rihanna Are Almost Together Again, Thanks To NERD’s ‘Lemon’ Remix

03.18.18 10 months ago

Drake and Rihanna are back together, but maybe not in the way some of their fans hoped. While they’re still broken up, Pharrell Williams and his NERD cohorts have conspired to give the world one more record featuring the star-crossed couple by adding The Boy to the remix of their No_One Ever Really Dies lead single, “Lemon.”

Where the original version featured verses from both Rihanna and Pharrell, the new version leads off with Drake’s verse, getting right to the goods. Drake borrow’s Rihanna’s flow from the original as well, which only highlights just how good Rihanna actually is as a rapper. While Jay-Z and Beyonce have sparked rumors of an upcoming joint album with the announcement of their latest tour and “B”‘s surprisingly adept rap appearance on DJ Khaled’s new single, the chemistry between Drake and Rihanna remains undeniable, even with Drake’s verse being added ex post facto. There’s a joint album the world would love to hear.

While NERD’s No_One Ever Really Dies singles were mostly disappointing, “Lemon” was the standout, garnering a huge response on social media and launching the music video’s dancer into the national spotlight. Not even Serena Williams could resist recording a twerkout session to the percussive, high-energy bop. It’s exactly the kind of record that Drake loves to jump on and his appearance here doesn’t disappoint. Get used to hearing “Lemon” featuring Drake for a good long while.

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