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10.05.06 11 years ago

Dr. Dre will release a biography in 07. According to

“The book also examines the viewpoints of insiders around Dr. Dre while
chronicling many of the luminaries he introduced to pop culture, including
Eminem, 50 Cent, and the Game. “I’d say the entire book [is controversial].
Instead of a Have Gun Will Travel retread, I started from scratch, approached
this with fresh eyes, and crammed about two books’ worth of material into one,”
he said. “You can’t please all of the people all of the time, so certain
sections might infuriate some readers, particularly things about Eminem, the Game and Tupac; the NWA reunion attempt; the issue of who
does what and what actually constitutes being a producer in this genre; and
more…I mean, the list goes on.”

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Rapper Cassidy is in critical condition after a car accident. According to MTV:

“The rapper was a passenger in an SUV en route to a studio in Yonkers, New
York, when a U-Haul truck swerved into oncoming traffic and struck the SUV. The
truck crashed into the side of the vehicle that Cassidy was sitting in,
according to a J Records spokesperson and members of Cassidy’s camp.Cassidy was
rushed to the hospital, suffering a fractured skull. A large number of bones in
the left side of his face were also broken, according to his people. Cassidy is
in critical condition, is said to be breathing on his own and is undergoing a
CAT scan.”

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Video of the Back to School Brawl, I mean concert.

Jay-Z TNT Commercial

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