Omarion Explains Bow Wow’s Blow Up

12.19.07 10 years ago 23 Comments

A source close to the “Black Carpet” shoot said the Bow Wow and Omarion interview was a planned prank all along that happened over the summer and that BET informed the duo’s label reps of the proposed mischief beforehand. The source also said that the label didn’t tell Bow and O because it was supposed to be for a good-natured, “Punk’d”-style show called “Hell Interview.”

“You know how it is, sometimes when you’re coming up in the game and you as young as we have been, sometimes people think they can — not necessarily push us around, but they feel they can play with us like that. If it had been 50 Cent or Game or any other man who would have stepped up in that interview, it would have went a lot differently.

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I respect Omarion’s maturity during the whole situation.

Video: Bow Wow Gets At Toure

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