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My little comment saying, “Black girls will hate her even more after this,” in the post about Kim Kardashian’s King magazine cover(Link) has sparked a fire in a few black women. I just want to say it was more of a joke than anything. I am sure there are more than a few black females that are mad she bagged Reggie Bush & and is now on the cover of King Magazine. But there is no reason for black females to be jealous of her and in no way am I saying she is better than black females. I got love for all races of women and would never say one race is better than the other. Also I’m not caught up in this light skin hype, beauty is found in various shades. I just hope women aren’t caught up on looks and forget the more important things to worry about like having a personality, being ambitious, educated & independent, and knowing their own worth.

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For this bozo:
“ayo realtalk black gurls can hate on kimmy all they want ….they will neva evaaaaaaaaaaaaa be sexier then her no matter if they light skinned” Willie Lynch lives deep in your brain huh? Lets remember the whole light skin complex with black women only was supposed to make them better because it got them closer to white skin (not closer to beauty two different things) and made the slave massa’s be able to justify to themselves why they were fucking black women all the time. It was not that white men thought light skin black women were more attractive (because light or dark African features are African features) it was more so for a reverse psych thing for them first of. Then it turned into a way to pit us against each other to make the lighter ones feel they were better than the darker ones. And furthermore to continue the psychological self hate which as we can read here is alive and well. And yall dumb asses are still carrying this shit on. However, the black men were worth more with darker skin b/c the darker skin the closer to pure African blood you were and the more pure African blood the STRONGER you physically were. This is why black women tend to say, “I want a chocolate black man” and Black men are always looking for “light skin women.” It’s just sad that you all dumb asses have allowed white people to totally screw your heads the fuck up. You all are out there downing us (black women) and speaking of black women like we are not the best on earth while WHITE WOMEN are spending their money trying to BECOME US. THERE’S NO ARGUMENT ON THAT AND THERE IS NO WAY YOU CAN CONSIDER THIS HATING. WAKE THE FUCK UP!

Well put, you are speaking some truth.

This is the problem with Black men. Black men epitomize white women, especially white women with Black features. The only reason that ya’ll are sweating this white bitch is because she has some thick African lips, and a fat African ass, but otherwise she’s still a white girl, which in hip hop culture makes her your ideal. Why settle for a fake wanna be Black girl when you can get the real thing. Real Talk.
-Joy Daily

Some men do go crazy over a white female with black features, but lets not over generalize black men. The fact you called her a, “bitch,” & a, “wanna be Black Girl,” makes you sound like your hating on her.

I’m a black female and I totally understand why she would want to get at black men because they are the best and nothing compares. It’s sad that our black men don’t feel the same way about us and if ever dissatisfaction is expressed about one of you all dating someone other than us it’s “hating” rather than just black women wanting to have y’all for ourselves. However, you will hear black women say all the time that there’s nothing better than a black man and openly admit it ALL THE TIME. Yall disrespect us publicly all day long. I think most of y’all are are angry cuz ya black moms didn’t live up to your expectations, disappointed you, or didn’t provide you with enough love so you all are incapable of self love. I’m sorry if ya black mothers didn’t do their jobs or didn’t breast feed ya asses enough. However, that’s not my problem so don’t make everything the BLACK females problem. If you need comfort. Stop whining and go suck on a damn bottle.

I know who I am, the strength I possess, the beauty I have, and I know I come from the original tribe of people. Why do you all not know it? Therefore, I could never hate on Kim K for wanting everything I have because the creator molded me and black men like him. So yeah, unlike her I was born with my tanned/dark skin, full pretty lips, almond shaped eyes, full DD cups, size 6 waist, and a phat azz size 9/10 booty. I don’t have to pay for mine to obtain it, nor keep it up, and years later when hers declines mine will still look ALL TOGETHER. Lets be real what is there really to hate on? Oh just because the white man said white women were better than black women then I automatically have to hate? Get real. Yall niggas would believe yall asses were white if the white man told you so. Furthermore, I don’t and wouldn’t want the men that she’s with anyway because they are low self-esteem having, self hating, weak minded black men.

So instead of hating on her I actually feel sad for the black men who make it so far financially but still seek the approval, acceptance, and validation that ole WILLIE LYNCH told him he needed. I feel sorry for him that he would need to go and cop a someone like Kim K who WOULD NEVER COME TO THE HOOD and check for him WHEN HE DIDN’T HAVE SHIT.

Some of those black industry men are like puppets on fucking strings really. How could you want someone who wouldn’t have you if you didn’t have that status quo and you didn’t have that $$$$? Black or white. What does that really say about you? Yall niggas may not have the shackles anymore but yall are still being bought, sold, and by the way these women move from one black dude to the next FUCKING TRADED. Do I hear $100,000? Going once, going twice… the darkskin nigger is sold to the white chick because he’s capable of laying good pipe and keeping up her but, thigh, and lip injections. lmao There’s no way you can argue with that.

Hip hop dudes are always referring to the black females as the bitches, hood rats, hoes, and gold diggers but we put up with yall asses when you all DON’T have shit, weak, and fucking broken. THEY DON’T. So who’s the real bitches, hood rats, hoes, and gold diggers? There’s nothing hood about that.

For every black man who “made” it there was some black female somewhere telling him he WOULD AND COULD succeed. Remember that, because Kim K’s don’t exist in the hood. However, pretty, phat ass black women do. Yall niggas are always talking about “keeping it real but half of yall are fakes who are seeking exterior approval and attempt to obtain it by vying for the “forbidden fruit” instead of KNOWING your intrinsic value.

Low self esteem is always attributed to women but really black men are some of the most low self esteem having mutha fuckas ever… What’s so hot about having a white female who will only be there b/c you got good dick and money on your arm. What’s so hood about that? Niggas are always talking about how they won’t trick on a bitch in their songs but they lie down with bitches that wouldn’t give them the time of day if they didn’t have $$$$ and spend $$$$.

Yall dudes are always talking shit about black females but really the majority of yall are weak as hell. Not physically b/c physically black men defy the laws of physics all the time but mentally yall are WEAK and yes I have said this over and over and that’s because it’s true. You are weak not because you are born that way but because you are contempt with being OWNED and COMPLACENT. PERIOD.

And don’t take this as a rant as me being a black female that doesn’t like to see black men with white women… because the more educated I become (25 just finished a masters degree in computer science & network security, oh yeah and financially I’ve pretty much made it (own it solutions corp and I deal with government contracts only/hair salons/stores/etc…) and I didn’t suck any dicks to get there so i would say i top Kim K any day but I’m a hater b/c i’m a black female right???)… anyway I was saying the more educated I become, the more the disconnect between the black man and black women bothers me. And the less I am willing to teach a black man how to respect me. Why don’t yall blog about that. Blog about how white men always open the doors for all women regardless of color. The most racist white man will hold the door for me… try getting that from black men at least 50% of the time you won’t get it. If yall want to talk about hating, blog on that (and im not saying black women don’t contribute to this because I am far from one sided). Therefore, I may (i said may not sure) consider other avenues races for dating reasons. So I have nothing against someone dating whoever they choose, but do it for the right reasons. NOT BECAUSE YOU HATE YOURSELF AND YOUR MOTHERS AND THAT YOU NEED TO BE VALIDATED BY SOMEONE OF WHITE SKIN TONE. AND CERTAINTLY DON’T TRY TO PLAY LIKE ANY ONE WOMAN IS BETTER THAN WOMEN WHO LOOK LIKE YOUR MOTHERS, SISTERS, COUSINS. How is ONE WOMAN better than BLACK WOMEN? Have you seen all black women? Yall are ridicu

Yall niggas need to stop seeking THEIR approval. You’ve made it when YOU say you’ve made it. I personally don’t really use the N-word because for me it doesn’t have much use. But when I hear ignorant shit I think its niggerish shit. With the word meaning ignorant of course not black.

The cover is a good look for Kanye and I will cop both Graduation and Curtis on 9/11 because I don’t feed into media hype and both are good. I just want to see black men, women, and families succeed and doing well. Am I a hater for that?

Sorry for any typo’s I gotta run and I hope this post gets “approved” lol.


Anyway why would sistas be madd at one White gurl covering King, when 98% of the women covering king are Black? That sounds dumb. You might as well as say that white chicks are madd because Garcelle Beauvais covered Playboy.

Might I add Coco covered for Smooth, while Gabrielle Union covered for FHM. I just find it very distrubing of how ppl would actually think that black women need someone to validate thier beauty so much, that they will complain about a plastic non-black female being on the cover of a SEX magazine.

In conclusion I don’t think black women are madd at the fact Kim is covering King, I think it’s the fact that some of these uncle-tom niggas praise a surgically-enhance non- black women but yet call a natually curvy sista a hoe.

So I guess the anger some may have stems from the black men beasting over her, you got a good point.

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