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The Game’s, “L.A.X.,” Releases July 22nd

RealTalkNY was hoping for a video interview but ended up with a short phone interview. The Game talks about switching up his style on the, “Ain’t Saying Nothin Remix,” to make sure Lil Wayne didn’t kill him on the track, his reason for retirement, people criticizing his name dropping and etc…

In an interview with DJ Booth, Game stated he may make another album:

“My next album was supposed to be this album. But when I started recording [“L.A.X.”] it turned left on me. The next project will be called the D.O.C. or “Diary of Compton.” It will have ten tracks on it, non-listed, no names— just chapters 1 through 10. If I get Dr. Dre, MC Ren, King Tee, DJ Yella, Ice Cube and DJ Quik to help me, not necessarily to rap on it, but to produce and be in my corner, then the D.O.C. will hit stores!”

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I got kids man, and I love them more than I love music. Not saying I don’t love hip hop cuz I do, just not more than my family.

-The Game

I don’t think Game will retire, too much money to be made and he may get bored. Hopefully we get a real interview before the album drop.

Interview by Ali From Cali

Ali: Actually I want to  thank you for having me at the video shoot man…the girls, the mansion, the music..that shit was real hot.

The Game:  Hey man, any time, any time I can get you  guys in the house, its all good.

Ali:  Now we just heard a couple days ago, the new remix for “Ain’t Saying Nothin” with you Lil Wayne and Fat Joe. Lyrically your on a different level right now man, what’s up with your skills right now?

The Game:  I knew Lil Wayne was going to be on the record, so when Lil Wayne gets on records, he has a killing niggas problem. So I definitely don’t want to be a victim of Lil Wayne, so I tried to go in as hard as I could and tried to switch it up and sorta cater to his style so I would blend in.

Ali: That’s what I’m talking about. Now for the fans like me on the west coast, we kinda look at you like the #1 top dog right now. On the west coast and we are a little disappointed when we hear this is your last album.

The Game:  Yea man, but at the end of the day,  I been losing a lot of time, you know, with my kids and growing my sons. I think that’s a lot more important than what people really understanding why I’m leaving the game and why I’m talking about “this is my last album.”  You know you feel a lil bit more sympathetic to the cause. I got kids man, and I love them more than I love music. Not saying I don’t love hip hop cuz I do, just not more than my family and you know going through my court cases kept me grounded in LA and I couldn’t leave California. I had to stay there to fight those and the upside of that is I got to spend a lot more time with my kids, know what I’m saying?  I fell in love with being a father man so…SEE YA’LL

Ali: Now that’s understandable, but we are going to get some features on maybe Juice or some BWS stuff right?

The Game:  Yea depending on who blows and what happens man, I make my decisions you know based on….on everyone, but I’m just gonna take it easy though…

Ali:   Is that the official album cover with your sons?

The Game:  hhm I haven’t seen it….I didn’t know that you’ve seen it yet!

Ali:  Hahaha…talk about the album a little bit…now I know your albums are like a closed book but this is RealTalkNY you gotta give us something about what we can expect.

The Game:  hmm, just expect Game to be on the album, rapping for more than half the album, hahaha. I don’t really, I got it from Dre man, so don’t blame me, blame Dre but I don’t say too much about my album. You can hate it, you can love it, you can buy it or you can leave that shit on the shelf…its coming July 22nd and that’s about it.  

Ali:  Is the nas joint gonna be on there?

The Game:  yea NAS is on the album…

Ali:  Now since you retiring…I’ve noticed that your taking your acting more seriously, does that have anything to do with it?

The Game:  Nah man, I’m just getting those phone calls and those interviews and stealing those parts from other actors. That’s just it, I love the acting side but that’s not the reason I’m stoppin.

Ali:  Now we gotta talk to you about 1 thing that came out maybe about a month ago… the MTV’s hottest emcee list…
The Game:  FUCK THAT LIST!!! I’ll slay every rapper on that mutha fucker!

Ali: Now not only did they not put you on the top 10 MC list  but  you weren’t even on the top 15 honorable mention that’s top 25 right there.

The Game:  and last year I was #3…get that! 

Ali:  Crazy right?

The Game:  yea that shit is a joke…

Ali:  You gotta hit up sway about that!

The Game:  Nah I ain’t even gonna do it man, let them be whatever. I mean that’s 3 people in the world that’s their list. It had nothing to do with me man.

Ali:  What do you have to say to people that criticize you about name dropping…?

The Game:  Fuck em!  lets see them come out and sell 8 million records…do that for me…

Ali:  People don’t understand that every artist has their own thing…

The Game:  Right…why do Busta Rhymes have so much energy…? why is Kanye so sarcastic?  why is Jay so cocky?  I mean you just said everybody has their styles man. You know what I’m saying? I don’t fucking know… they just are who they are….

Ali:  What’s up with the blood brothers mixtape?

The Game:   It’ll come out one day man, we got like half way through it and then we had to you know..focus on our albums man so it’ll drop one day. hopefully it will be a store bought mixtape.

Ali:  Any idea about you 2 touring together this summer since you both got albums coming…

The Game:  Maybe that’s a big tour, so maybe we can make that happen for you..

Ali:  I know you and Shyne are good friends…you talk to him or write em? or anything like that…

The Game:   Oh yea Shyne coming home soon and we he get out…you know…its gonna be on…black wallstreet…gangland…

Ali:  Gangland!  alright Game, I guess that’s enough man, I thank you for your time today.  good luck with the album.

The Game:… YUP JULY 22ND!

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