The Carter III Preview

02.23.08 10 years ago 41 Comments



“I’m not a lollipop rapper,” Wayne told us, by way of introducing this song as the radio single, “but this track is cold.” It’s one of many new Wayne songs to feature T-Pain/Roger Troutman vocoder singing effects and it transcends its boner-as-blow-pop conceit on the force of its strangeness: Wayne’s singing isn’t just a run through the T-Wayne ProTools patch, it’s chopped up and layered over itself in a dense, alien collage. It actually de-naturalizes the vocoder gimmick, which is as common as high-hats nowadays. “Dudes are gonna hate this one,” he said. “Ugly dudes, that is.”

Full Preview @ Blender

Hopefully all his tracks won’t leak.

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