The Game Makes It Clear He Wants Beef With Jay-Z

08.20.08 10 years ago 103 Comments


The Game: Now, if the man wants to wage a war of words or get into some type of beef, I’m all for it. It would be an honor to beef with Jay-Z. That’s one of the reasons I try to bait him, but he won’t bite. Jay-Z’s smart and he’s going to sit back and wait for this to simmer down. Plus I’m way too disrespectful for the likes of a Jay-Z, and I go too hard. Jay-Z is a subliminal rapper, he uses his words and isolates you like that. I go hard, straight for the jugular, with a knife and I’m cutting your throat and you’re going to bleed all over Manhattan when you beef with me. It’s that serious. When I beef, it’s relentless. I won’t stop until one of us is dead, period. And that’s lyrically. I don’t have to box or fight, or take it to the streets. We’ll keep it a straight wax-war, that’s what beef is all about. But I’m too reckless for him.

Full Story: Complex

So The Game clearly is asking for beef, but for what? Is this beef basically all about selling records, what other reason does he have to beef with Jigga.

Who you think would win a battle between The Game & Jay-Z?

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