Top 5 Rap Beefs in 2008: The Year Of The Chain Snatchings & Youtube Videos

12.31.08 9 years ago 12 Comments

5. Yung Berg vs. Everybody

Yung Berg Gets @ Ne-Yo for his comments(Ne-Yo said he would smack him)

In 2008 Yung Berg ran into a lot of trouble from his chain being snatched, being smacked by Maino, making negative comments about dark skin females and beef with Ne-Yo & Brisco. He still got a chance if he comes back in 2009 a lot more humble.

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Ne-Yo Explains the beef

Maino Explains Smacking Yung Berg

Trick Trick shows off Yung Berg Chain

Yung Berg Comments on the Chain Snatching

Yung Berg vs Dark Skin Females

Brisco Threatens Yung Berg

Yung Berg address the Brisco Beef

Yung Berg’s Brother makes a video

4.Ice T vs Soulja Boy
Out of no where rap legend Ice-T decided to say Soulja Boy killed Hip Hip on a mixtape track. This audio quickly spread all over the Internet with Soulja Boy himself seeing it on RealTalkNY. This sparked a response from Soulja boy which was followed by another Ice-T video. A cartoon was later on released poking fun at Ice-T’s break dancing past. Check the comedy below.

Ice T says Soulja Boy Killed Hip Hop

Soulja Boy Responds to Ice T Saying he killed Hip Hop

Ice T Responds to Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy posts a cartoon about Ice-T

3. 50 Cent vs Young Buck/The Game/Fat Joe/Nas/Rosci/T.I.
As usual 50 Cent was involved in several beefs, from Young Buck leaving G-Unit, to getting mad at Rosci calling him Garbage. 50 Cent even released a Fat Joe mixtape calledm “Elephant in the Sand,” mocking Fat Joe’s album, “Elephant In The Room.” 50 also comments on T.I. getting off with out major time for his gun charges.

Young Buck – My Interview

50 Cent plays Young Buck’s Phone Call

Young Buck Says F G-Unit

The Game Says He Killed G-Unit

The Game – Taped Convo

Rosci Says 50 is Garbage

50 Cent Talks About Rosci

50 Cent – Fat Joe’s Funeral




50 vs T.I. (You So Tough)

50 is asked about the, “You So Tough,” Lyrics

GZA – Paper Plate
(50 Cent Diss)

Nas – Queens Get The Money (50 Cent Diss)

Ayo Queens get the money nigga still screamin “Paper Chasin'”
niggas is still hatin
talkin that nas done fell off with rhyming
he’d rather floss with diamonds
they pray “please god let him spit that ‘oozie in the army lining’
that ‘shorty doo-wop rolling oowops in the park reclining’ ”
take twenty-seven mc’s put em in a line and they out of alignment
my assignment said she said retirement hiding behind 8 Mile and The Chronic
get rich but dies rhyming
this is high science
now add 23 more from queens to b’more
i’m over they heads like a bulimic on a seesaw
now thats 50 porch monkeys ate up at the same time

2. Shawty Lo vs T.I.
These two MC’s both claiming Bankhead have had beef for the whole year with Shawty Lo mentioning, “I got the same guns as T.I.,” and giving T.I. the nickname T.Lie. He went on to make a video looking for T.I. in Bankhead and put out a reward for T.I.’s high school picture. T.I. kept quiet about until he dropped, “What Up.” Shawty Lo claimed the beef was over by was in the, “Don’t I,” video showing the beef was not over. Both of their crews ended up fighting at ATL’s Dirty Awards later on in the year.

Shawty Lo looks for T.I. in Bankhead

Shawty Lo looks at T.I.’s highschool picture

T.I. comments on Shawty Lo’s jabs

Shawty Lo Explains the Beef

Shawty Lo claims the beef is over, then T.I. drops, “What Up.”

Stuntman ft. Front St. & Shawty Lo – Don’t I

Shawty Lo’s crew and T.I.’s fight @ the Dirty Awards

1. Joe Budden vs Ransom
Joe Budden got a buzz going with his Joe Budden TV online youtube videos. A rapper by the name of Ransom wasn’t too fond of Joe and made his own videos. These beef escalated from disses in videos to physical altercations. Joe Budden made a move to end the beef before things got real ugly, hopefully it is over.

Joe Budden Responds To Ransom & Goes To His Block

Ransom’s Friend Smacks Joe Budden’s Friend

Joe Budden Ends The Beef

Soulja Boy vs Charles Hamilton
Soulja Boy Comments On Charles Hamilton

Charles Hamilton – “Word? Aight” (Soulja Boy Diss)


Uncle Luke vs Charles Hamilton

Jay-Z vs Jaz-O(Responds To Jay-Z Line about him in, “Do It For Hip Hop):

Jaz-O- Friend Betrayed

Peedi Crack – Sweet Dreams (Jay-Z Diss)

George Bush vs Iraq Journalist

Reality Show Contestant vs Host (How Can She Slap?)

J-Hood vs D-Block

Max B vs Jim Jones
Max B. – Umma Do Me

Papoose – Fair One

Lil Wayne Says F Mixtape DJs

Shaq disses Kobe Bryant

Lil Wayne vs Al Sharpton

Jim Jones vs Nas

Jim Jones vs Kanye

Kanye West vs Paparazzi

Greg Street vs Jermaine Dupri

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