Tory Lanez Doesn’t Seem Too Impressed By Drake’s ‘Summer Sixteen’ Diss

02.01.16 2 years ago 31 Comments
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Looks like there’s a little rap beef cooking on the 6 side. Over the weekend, Drake dropped “Summer Sixteen” with a couple of shots and subliminals towards foes, which hilariously now includes President Obama. Among his lines though, was a not-so-subtle shot to fellow Toronto singing rapper Tory Lanez. The pebbles Tory’s been throwing at his forefather finally garnered a response, with Drake rapping, “All you boys in the new Toronto want to be me a little.” See, because Tory’s mixtape is called The New Toronto, plus he’s criticized for being the Great Value version of Drizzy.

The little one-liner wasn’t that impressive to Tory, who tweeted out “L” after “Summer Sixteen”‘s release. The simple tweet is nothing compared to the jabs Tory’s been hurling at the 6 Gawd.

During his Sway In The Morning freestyle last year, Tory shot down Drake comparisons by rapping, “I know these n****s about to act scary. T.O. n****, only spitting without the Blackberry.” In case you forgot, Drake was suppose to kick a freestyle when he was on Hot 97 in 2009, but he instead read raps straight from his Blackberry.

Then Tory tried to provoke Drake again, tweeting out, “This whole calling Toronto the “6” thing .. It’s not cool bro” last October. The rapper quickly deleted his comment after fans reminded him of tweets where he corrected someone calling the city “Toronto” and when referred himself as the “realist n**** out in da 6”.

I don’t know what behind-the-scenes shenanigans is going on between the two, but it’ll be interesting to see what happens All-Star Weekend, if anything.

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