Video: Fan Tries To Run Up On 50 Cent On Stage In Brazil

07.12.10 8 years ago 51 Comments

Skip to the 1:44 mark

Reminds me of when someone ran up on stage and snatched 50’s chain in Angola. Props to 50, a lot of artist wouldn’t even try to tour some of these spots.

that shit probably happens more often than we know about, see what happened was that his antics of constant comical like situations and aggressive interviewing actually made him look like he was in a soft space to the actual fans and gave the impression that he was approachable celebrity similar to your typical Hollywood actors and the general public’s response to the actual movie projects that go straight to dvd mixed with mediocre music that he works on allows the fan to put him in a space where they feel that he is a actual fraud and require some type of reimbursement from the actual artist. – County of Kings

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