Young Buck Is Still Waiting For His Royalty Checks

03.19.08 10 years ago 27 Comments


So the show money is good right?

It’s been paying my bills, it’s been keeping me alive out here. A lot of times a lot of artists don’t recoup off of albums so a lot of times they never get to see the backend from that project. I’m the only artist on G-Unit that ever recouped off of an album meaning I went off on this “Buck The World” project not owing Interscope and G-Unit shit, I can say that much. I’m still waiting on a royalty check period, I never seen a royalty check since I’ve been signed with G-Unit. So hell yeah I’ll tell you one damn thing the show money is that good. I’ve never in my career cashed a royalty check, how you like that? Put that one in big black letters n*gga!

Full Interview @ YoRaps

Time to get a lawyer Buck…

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