April Fools Pranks: Adam Lambert, Justin Bieber, Coldplay

04.01.10 9 years ago

At least a few musicians and had April 1 marked in their calendar for April Fools’ pranks, Coldplay, Justin Bieber and Adam Lambert included.

With a “now who’s olde enough, b*tch?,” Young Bieber “overtook” the Funny Or Die, website, rechristening it Bieber Or Die, where everything that’s not Bieber, well, dies. Expect lots of mugging and Bieber’s takes on some of the biggest YouTube and LOLCat memes the ‘net has to offer.

There’s something like a dozen FOD exclusives up on the homepage, along with a video introduction to our new little teenage-run world. Check it out below.

Meanwhile, Coldplay have taken this opportunity to announce the launch of their new fragrance Angst, featuring a perfume bottle designed by frequent collabo Brian Eno.

From the site, the band’s self-deprecation still obviously shone through: “Martin was quick to point out that there are bigger and better scents available, but that the band are simply trying to make the best aroma they can, for their own pleasure. ‘If anyone else likes it,’ he explained, ‘then that’s a bonus.'” Sadly, all stock instantly sold out, apparently.

Adam Lambert didn’t want April 1 to pass him by without announcing his summer plans: he has six nights in a row at Madison Square Garden, and a gig at London’s Wembley Stadium, with guests Queen, David Bowie, Muse and the Rolling Stones. He’s been cast in a few roles in a remake of the “Wizard of Oz,” which co-stars Simon Cowell, Carrie Underwood and other AI faves. Additionally, merry Christmas: he’ll be kickin’ it with the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall for their annual Christmas Spectacular.

This is also all after the Supreme Court ruled that there needs to be an essential recount of Season 8 votes from “American Idol.” Lady Justice is blind, but still fabulous.

Meanwhile, crotchety old music guru Bob Lefsetz sent out his near-daily newsletter today declaring that bedraggled EMI sold its licensing rights to Apple, including catalog dibs on the Beatles, thus allowing the stalemate between iTunes and the Fab Four rendered finished. OK Go was part of the deal-making, and Billy Ocean took over the A&R Department.

This pronouncement actually siked out one of the HitFix editors; you know who you are.

Another music-oriented video surfaced within the last day, too, of an old Chris Rock routine from 2004, of him lampooning Outkast’s mega-hit “Hey Ya.” It’s called “Cracker.” Edgy. See below.


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