Box Office: ‘Megamind’ sneaks by ‘Due Date’ for no. 1 Friday

11.06.10 8 years ago

It was a close call for no. 1 at the box office on Friday, but DreamWorks Animation’s latest animated release “Megamind” overcame mixed reviews to came out on top. The comedy that takes a nurture vs. nature stance on super-heroes and super-villains found a very good, but not spectacular $12.5 million on its opening day.  The family film is expected to have a much bigger Saturday and Sunday which may find it grossing anywhere from $43-48 million for the weekend. Considering pre-release polling said the film could hit between $55-60 million, it may be a tad disappointing for the DreamWorks Animation and Paramount marketing teams. Yes, even in the movie business you can’t always trust the polls.

In the second slot was the Todd Phillips comedy “Due Date.”  The pairing of Robert Downey, Jr. and Zack Galifinakis didn’t warm critic’s hearts, but the Warner Bros. flick grossed a superb $12 million for what could be a $33-35 million weekend. Considering how unlikeable both characters are in the film, the WB is no doubt thrilled they reached such a solid number on the relatively inexpensive comedy.

Performing impressively in third was Tyler Perry’s big screen adaptation of “For Colored Girls.”  The ensemble drama made $7.4 million on only 2,127 screens Friday for what should be a $18-20 million weekend. Critical reaction to “Colored Girls” was all over the map, but the film received a few noteworthy raves from The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times and the San Francisco Chronicle.

Battling for fourth and fifth place was “Red” and last week’s top film, “Saw 3D.”  Both pictures grossed around $2.6 million on Friday.

Look for updated weekend estimates tomorrow on HitFix.

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