Dept. of Justice approves Ticketmaster/Live Nation merger

01.25.10 9 years ago

After nearly a year of investigation, the Department of Justice is poised to announce its approval of the Ticketmaster/Live Nation merger today.

Does this mean that tickets surcharges will never come down? Probably. Does it mean that AEG is probably feeling pretty bummed about right now? You bet. We”re at Sundance so we don”t have time to analyze it more right now, but we will later .

As part of the deal, the new company, dubbed Live Nation Entertainment (yes, Ticketmaster is thrilled to be getting rid of that name that so many people love to hate) will get rid of its Paciolan ticketing company and, here”s the part that should be fun, has to make a ticketing licensing deal with AEG, according to Billboard.

Read much more about the deal here.

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