Emmy nomination predictions for 2010 begin

06.14.10 8 years ago
Although the nominations won’t be announced until early on the morning of July 8, this is Emmy Nominations Handicapping Week at HitFix.
Over the next five days, I’m gonna be breaking down the leading candidates for the major acting awards in gallery form. In each case, I’ve attempted to list the contenders in a rough order based on nomination likelihood (as I see it), so the first six pictures are my actual nomination predictions and everybody else mentioned is either because they have an interesting argument in their favor, or because they’re somebody I like and would like to see their name in the conversation.
I’m not an awards guru or anything and I always do better anticipating the quirkily predictable moods of Golden Globe voters, but hopefully these picks will spark discussion, if nothing else.
Up first? 
Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama.
It’s a category I could nearly fill with just actors from “Breaking Bad” or just actors from “Lost.”
It’s also one of several categories with lots of available wiggle room, since “Boston Legal” co-stars Christian Clemenson and William Shatner, plus “Damages” co-star William Hurt are no longer in the equation. Presumably Martin Short (or maybe Campbell Scott) steps right into Hurt’s “Damages” carbon footprint, but who steps up for that other slot? Will it be a former winner like Andre Braugher or Terry O’Quinn or Craig T. Nelson or John Goodman? Or will it be a first-time nominee like a Dean Norris, a John Noble or Nestor Carbonell?
Flip through the gallery to see how I see the race. And tomorrow morning, Sepinwall will chime in with his own preferences based on a system of logic and honor that only he understands.
Then, later tomorrow? Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama. Then some comedy nominations. Then more drama. And comedy. 
[UPDATED: I should note also that my galleries are based on the official Emmy ballot. Zach Gilford, for example, isn’t in my supporting gallery, because he submitted as guest actor. Cherry Jones won’t be in my supporting actress, drama gallery because she chose not to submit. Etc…]
It’s gonna be a busy week…

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