Exclusive: Watch a new clip from Feist doc ‘Look at What the Light…’

12.08.10 8 years ago

In a clip exclusive to HitFix, photographer Mary Rozzi explains the mystery that is Leslie Feist — a mystery that is still one to the songwriter herself. The clip is taken from “Look at What the Light Did Now,” the Feist documentary released to DVD on Tuesday (Dec. 7).

And I do like the doc. An awful lot.

“[Feist] has a way of showing herself without showing herself,” Rozzi says right before a long look into the quiet rehearsal of a Reminder Tour show. “must be hard to show yourself like that. Because maybe you’re trying to figure out who you are… you’re really naked up there. Scary.”

The nakedness of the band’s hollow, sparse clicks before showtime is buttressed by darkness, the palate for “light artist” Clea Minaker, Feist’s visual muse during the recording and touring of “The Reminder.”

Feist, througout the film, struggles with her own fame, and her own image; she’s loath to put her own face on the cover of her album, and to step out as a solo act rather than a bandleader. As I mentioned in my interview with doc director Anthony Seck, Feist refused to even do an interview for the flick until it made it all the way to the editing room floor. It’s an exploration of her personal personality in real time.

As previously reported, Feist is heading back into the studio this winter to work on a follow up to her last 2007 album.

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