Kanye West recording with RZA, Q-Tip on new album ‘Good Ass Job’

04.06.10 9 years ago

Through various sources, it has been revealed that Pete Rock, RZA and Q-Tip are all working on Kanye West’s new album.

The famed rapper is normally strict about keeping a lip on his projects and collaborators before official announcements and sanctioned interviews go out, but the aforementioned producers/artists have managed to let the cat out of the bag on this forthcoming effort — tentatively titled “Good Ass Job,” perhaps due as early as June. No I.D. and Soulja Boy have already been confirmed as guests on the set.

Q-Tip told Brooklyn Bodega, “I just try to work with people who I admire or whom I think has got it. So right now I’m working on Nas’ sh*t, about to work with Kanye on his sh*t.” Oops.

Roc4Life claims that Pete Rock, Wu-Tang’s RZA and Soulja Boy have signed on –revealed through what sources they didn’t say. But if Ye is making a New York-centered album, at least a couple of those picks would make sense. It was further corroborated on the Rock and RZA front through a couple Tweets from LOUD Records honcho Schott Free, who encouraged Rock to “Enjoy Hawaii, I’m sure you and Kanye’ are killing it” as the rapper was on the U.S. island to help Nas out at a concert. Rock (publicly, Tweetingly) retorted, “Pls dont mention that on here scott,its all goody but i gotta keep a closed lid on it.”

West has also been encouraging the career of singer Drake, so it’d be unsurprising if the latter showed up on “Good” as well.

“Good Ass Job” would be West’s first album since 2008’s “808s & Heartbreak.” He recently released a video for a song from that effort, “Coldest Winter.”

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