Lady Gaga reveals new details about new album, ‘Born This Way’

12.20.10 7 years ago

AP Photo

Early 2011 means a new album from Lady Gaga and as its release looms closer, she”s letting more details slip out.

The release date for “Born This Way” still hasn”t been announced, but she told the BBC backstage at a London show that the album is “a marriage of electronic music with major, epic, dare I even say, metal or rock ‘n’ roll, pop, anthemic style melodies with really sledge-hammering dance beats.” She appeared at London’s O2 Arena Dec. 16-17.

Though she”s previewed album track, “You and I,” it”s unclear as to whether that will be the first single, which Lady Gaga says will come out in February, with the album to come shortly thereafter.

She revealed a few more details, adding that the album”s lyrics were inspired by her interactions and love for her fanatic followers. “It’s really written by the fans, They really wrote it for me because every night they’re funnelling so much into me,” she told the BBC”s Newsbeat. “So I wrote it for them. ‘Born This Way” is all about my little monsters and me, mother monster.”

Below is a clip of Lady Gaga performing “You an I” on “The Today Show” this summer.

Lady Gaga’s tour rolls to a close tomorrow night as she performs in Paris to make up for a Sunday’s show, which was postponed. The tour will start again in February.

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